Ministry of Industry and Commerce has coordinated with related sectors to improve indicator 1 “Starting a business” in accordance with the Order 02/PM. As of today, there are four instead of ten procedures to complete (1. Enterprise registration; 2. Carving company seal; 3. Social security registration and 4. Value added tax registration). Starting a business takes no more than 40 days instead of 174 days


Issued enterprise registration certificate and Taxpayer Identification Number at the same time at the Department of Industry and Commerce through the Tax Revenue Information System (TaxRis) which is the integration of enterprise registration system and tax collection system. The system has been implemented since mid October 2018 . The new enterprise registration certificate including TIN can be issued in 18 Provincial and Vientiane Capital Department of Industry and Commerce offices and 108 Industry and Commerce District Offices nationwide.

(Pursuant to the Notification from Enterprise Registration Department, No. 1756, Dated 12 December 2018 and from Ministry of Finance No. 0489, dated 5 March 2019 regarding the application of the new “Enterprise Registration certificate” and Issuance of Tax Identification Number)


Separated approval for business operating license from enterprise registration procedures, it has been effective from 1st February 2019. An enterprise can operate once received business operating license and/ or investment license approved by relevant sectors. Registration of Article of Association and company asset has been removed to be a post-procedure after business is in operation.

(Pursuant to the Decision Ministry of Industry and Commerce, No. 0023, Dated 09 January 2019 regarding Enterprise Registration and the notification of Ministry of Finance No. 1618, dated 30 May 2019 regarding Improving coordinating procedure and mechanism between document registration by the State Asset Department and tax registration)


Eliminated approval of content of company signage. Enterprise can make company sign directly with a sign production company after receiving the enterprise registration certificate.

(Pursuant to the Notification of Ministry of Industry and Commerce No 2823, dated 26 November 2018 regarding to Company Seal Production and Signage)


Eliminated company seal production approval by Industry and Commerce sectors. After obtaining an enterprise registration certificate, the enterprise can go directly to Public Security sector to produce company seal and register a use of company seal at the same time.

(Pursuant to the Decision of Ministry of Public Security No. 1748, dated 02 October 2018 regarding Company Seal Management and Production and the Notification of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce No 2823, dated 26 November 2018 regarding Company Seal Production and Signage)


Eliminated Company Location Certificate

(Pursuant to the Notification of Ministry of Industry and Commerce No. 1596, dated 15 November 2018 regarding Elimination of Form for Location Certificate of Company or Branch and Enterprise Registration for Banking Businesses).


Tax orientation meeting is no longer compulsory but being basic tax knowledge session.. The Ministry of Finance issued a notification that if any enterprise does not attend the orientation meeting with 30 days since receiving the Enterprise Registration Certificate, the enterprise is acknowledged and understood its tax obligations and compliance according to laws and regulations.

(Pursuant to the Notification of Ministry of Finance No 0489, dated 05 March 2019 regarding Issuance of Tax Identification Number)


Simplified registration of social security for worker and spent only 1-2 days.

(Pursuant to the Instruction of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare No 1206, Dated 23rd April 2019 regarding Implementation of Law on Social Security (amended)