For Paying TAX




1 How many provinces that currently introduce Tax Ris (TAX Revenue Information System)? Nationwide (18 provinces).
2 What is Easy TAX? TAX payment system through banking system.  
3 How many TAX filing channels that currently available? There are 2 channels such as TAX service counters and electronic filing (online filing).  
4 Are there any fines in case of late fling? They are subject to fines according to TAX laws, depending on each case 
5 How many TAX payment channels that are currently available? There are 3 channels such as through the National Treasury, the banks and Easy TAX. 
6 How many TAX payment channels that are available through the banks? There are 5 channels such as service counters, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM and SMS. 
7 How many banks that currently provide TAX payment services? There are 5 banks such as Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public, Lao Development Bank, Agriculture Promotion Bank, Lao Viet Joint Venture Bank and Vietin Bank. 
8 Are TAX filing and payment available 24 hours, including weekends or public holidays? Yes. 
9 Is TAX filing allowed at other provincial TAX office? yes, but it is required to pay to treasury account of the province where the enterprise is registered. 
10 How could you apply for a password for entry into the system to carry out self-filing? There are 2 ways. Filling in a prescribed form or subscribe through website:
11 In case the enterprise is granted TAX exemption, is it subject to regular tax filing? It is required to submit TAX filing according to the law.