Not more than 35 working days for installing an electrical meter and constructing 22KV medium voltage distribution network with length of less than 2.0km long and installing transformer and constructing 0.4KV low voltage distribution network with length of less than 500m


EDL had reduced number of service procedures for installing an electrical meter transformers and distribution network construction for 22k/ 0.4KV nationwide from 6 to 3.

(Pursuant to the Regulation on Improving service procedures for installing electrical meter, transformers and distribution network construction, No 3578/EDL, dated 7 September 2018)


Less than 7 working days to install only an electrical meter without distribution network construction


Less than 15 working days to install an electrical meter with transformer installation


EDL has consulted with number of electrical installation companies with a purpose to improve installation service to customers to be faster. Such consultation will be continued to find out the best solution together.


You can contact us for obtaining application form for electricity installation and installation fee payment at all 6 branch offices of EDL and the Vientiane Capital Center for Electricity Bill Payment or download them from EDL’s website at:


Call Centre available for emergency electrical repairs service center. Just dial 1199 (Call Center) and Smart Meter Project (a modern electrical meter collect and transfer electrical usage information automatically).