For Trading Across Border




1 Does foreigner can do business in Lao PDR? Yes, but it depends on the types of business. Click for checking which business that foreigner can invest in Lao PDR.
2 Can you help to advise the import procedures of fruits and vegetables? The procedures for importing fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products into Laos shall apply for registering the license at Department of Agriculture. Click for more detail.
3 I am looking for business partner, could please help to introduce? LTP does not have any contacts or list of company. We are official website which provide the information of laws, regulations and procedures for import-export, preferences, SPS/TBT, measures, standards, provisions and tariff rate in Lao PDR.
Therefore, if you want to find business partners, we suggest you to search on Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Website.
4 Can you provide tariff rate for importing products to Laos? You can check the tariff rate for importing products into Laos on this  
5 What types of products which need to obtain the import permit? Click for more information