National Trade Facilitation Committee has streamlined procedures and times for dealing with import and export documents in particular, related to products stated in the Trading Across Border indicator, that are the import of vehicle parts and the export of minerals:


Issued a single import license for vehicle spare parts for assembly or producing at factory at the Department of Industry and Handicraft, Ministry of Industry and Trade, taking only 3 days.

(Pursuant to Order No 0535/MOIC.DIMEX, dated 10 April 2017)


One time issuance of Customs Letter to Customs Checkpoints regarding mineral export (less frequency of issuing Customs Letter from every shipment to one lifetime) until a change in terms of Concession Agreement (CA). The procedure takes only three days.

(Notification on No.01616/CD, dated 02 April 2018)



VAT exemption for mineral export

(Pursuant to (Revised) Law on VAT No. 48/ NA)


Shortened document processing of concerned ministries especially the Ministry of Energy and Mines to reduce time from 3 to 1 day (related to mineral distribution and export)

(Pursuant on Notification No 0011/DMM, dated 4 January 2019)


Ministry of Industry and Commerce developed Service Charter for import and export by aiming to reduce 50% of procedures, time and required document in 2019 and turn the service to automation.

(Notification on the Implementation of Service Charter of Department of Import and Export No.4186/DIMEX, dated 12 September 2018)