For Dealing with Construction Permits




1 Where to find the information or download the development applications? From the website or from provincial department of Public Works and Transport or district office of Public Works and Transport.
2 What are included in the application form? 1) Request letter;
2) Copy of family book or resident certificate for the period of no longer than 3 months (or copy of ID card for foreign citizens);
3) Copy of land tittle certificate of the proposed construction site;
4) Neighbor consent memo for the proposed design and construction;
5) Key architectural and structural plans, and in case of needs
6) Environmental authorization certificate;
7) Controlled Building and/or heritage management certificate.
3 Where to submit the development application? One stop shop office of the District or provincial department of Public Works and Transport.  
4 Who authorizes the construction permits? The District Office of Public Works and Transport authorizes the construction permits for buildings with total functional areas of no more than 400 sqm, and less than 10 m in height, and the rest are under the provincial department of Public Works and Transport.  
5 How long is the procedure of construction permit authorization? No longer than 30 working days counting from the day of full and complete submission.