For a Getting Credit




1 What information that is collected by Lao Credit Information Company (LCIC)? Currently, LCIC collects information from its members. This includes general information of their customers, loan and collateral information. In the future, LCIC is going to collect more information from relevant ministries and public utility companies.
2 Who is eligible for membership of LCIC? According to Article 29 – Application for Membership, Chapter 5 – Members of LCIC, Decree on Credit Information No.224/GOL, dated 19 July 2019, stating that financial institutions under supervision of the Bank of Lao PDR are required to be members of LCIC, while other legal entities or organizations may apply for membership according to the requirements as defined in each period.   
3 Is LCIC allowed to change information of its member customers? LCIC is not allowed to change information of customers. All information shall be maintained as provided by each member in the credit information system.  
4 In addition to members, are general individuals or legal entities request for credit information? Yes. It is allowed by entering and submitting a prescribed form for credit information from the LCIC.