The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment developed a plan to improve regulations related to land management and services as following:


Developed modernized land administration, particularly the electronic database system throughout the country by applying digital system, called Lao Land Reg for land registration and land-related legal document registration. The land administration by Lao Land Reg program can also be linked to modern land measurement camera or GNSS RTK. Presently, there are 103 sets of GNSS RTK across the country which can link with Satellite (Core) Station that was already installed in 17 provincial stations. In 2029, 21 more stations will be built.


All regulations, laws, and information on standard services, land and construction value evaluation, method for fee calculation, compliant, Land Buy and Sale form.Other information are uploaded on the ministry’s website Registration



Land service centers have established in 3 provinces with 6 locations for running one stop service and encouraging payment through banking system. The Centers in two provinces (Vientiane Capital and Xayabouly) are expected to be in operation soon.